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As the popularity of ultra-slim sliding glass doors goes through the roof, within domestic settings as well as commercial, we thought it the ideal time to address a recurring question;

‘ How secure is an ultra-slim sliding glass door? ‘

viiu’s ultra-slim sliding glass doors have a plethora of advantages and benefits on offer to homeowners, architects, key dealers and aluminium installation companies alike, expertly engineered for high-quality results each and every time. Today we take a closer look at their security features that are second to none.

1. Innovative strength

viiu’s revolutionary door sets really stand out from the crowd, as they’re the first ultra-slim sliding glass door system of its kind to achieve the prestigious PAS24-2016 certificate. PAS 24 is the security standard that proves doors and windows in new buildings can resist physical attacks, by being sufficiently robust and fitted with the appropriate hardware. So ‘PAS24-2016’ is basically your guarantee that the doorset has been manufactured in a manner that’s being monitored by a UKAS accredited certification. This security was recently updated to stipulate that interlocks should part by 50mm gap under 450kgs of force from both sides. This means that most ultra-slim sliding glass doors on the market have found themselves in hot water, simply because they were not designed to withstand such a level of force. viiu’s unsurpassed strength, through the size and shape of the innovative Interlock design, shows that it has the strength required to comply with the PAS24-2016 test, leaving other competing systems with no other choice but to go back to the drawing board!

The development of PAS 24:2016 enhanced security doorsets

2. Unique Electric Locking

viiu’s unique electric locking mechanism is intelligently hidden in the head of the doors outer frame. The jambs symmetrical appearance proactively resists forced entry, seamlessly combined with a durable bolt and hook system (fitted as standard) offers an exceptional electronic locking action quite literally at the touch of a button!

3. Laminated glass as standard

Many low-cost ultra-slim sliding glass doors offer 6mm toughened glass as standard, which is another reason why they are unable to meet the PAS24-2016 security standard; stating that all glass should be laminated. viiu’s thinnest laminated glass thickness is 8.8mm and, depending on specific requirements, we can offer up to 14.8mm thickness; providing homes and businesses with even more strength and security.

Not only do our ultra-slim sliding glass doors offer stunningly endless panoramic views, their ultra-secure structurally bonded laminated glass astutely strengthens and repels opportunist housebreakers from crossing the threshold.

Secure & ultra-slim sightlines are as simple as 1-2-3

Stunning ultra-slim sliding glass doors shouldn’t have to compromise on security, but as you can see; many of our competitors have no choice! The security features of our vogue ultra-slim symmetrical doorsets have been honed to perfection, effectively creating the most secure “moving glass wall” effect around. So, if you require the most practical, contemporary & aesthetically pleasing ultra-slim sliding glass doors on the market, get in touch with a viiu expert today who will be happy to discuss your requirements further.


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